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Lawford Davies & Co is a law firm with a different approach to providing advice to life sciences clients. We understand the dynamic and constantly shifting field of science like no other firm. We also understand that law and regulation can shackle innovation. We know that legal advice should reduce uncertainty rather than add to it. We are a group of associated firms in England and Wales, and in Germany. Together, we mirror the international, interdisciplinary and innovative character of the sector for which we are leading legal experts.

We combine specialist legal advice with cutting-edge legal and ethical scholarship to provide a complete perspective of the frameworks within which life sciences innovation takes place. We do so in a way that makes us partners and providers of stability in your endeavour. Our partners and consultants have an impressive track record of advising some of the most cutting-edge start-ups, largest blue chips, and innovative governments in how to address the legal and ethical challenges of scientific endeavour and clinical practice.

James Lawford Davies | Partner
Professor Nils Hoppe | Partner
Maria Lorenz | Consultant
Professor Kathleen Liddell | Consultant

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