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Scientific Integrity and Ethics Innovation in life sciences is based on many complex aspects. The legal and regulatory conditions for successful and compliant translation of innovative technologies is one of these. An increasingly relevant area in this field is maintaining scientific integrity and meeting ethics requirements during the scientific and clinical process. At Lawford Davies & Co we have decades of experience in accompanying research groups and commercial entities in meeting these non-legal requirements. Our compliance advice and training service consentris has, since its inception in 2017, assisted many clients in identifying and addressing integrity and ethics issues.

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We offer professional development seminars on ethics, integrity and compliance themes in science. We also offer specific training in relation to meeting ethics requirements of large-scale collaborative research proposals (in particular in EU funded research).

Project Partnering

Large-scale research consortia in the life sciences inevitably give rise to complex legal and ethical issues, such as human research participants, personal data, animal experimentation, or cell and tissue based research. We assist consortia in navigating these aspects of their grant proposals and help in drafting compelling ethics and governance frameworks for the purposes of obtaining funding.


The future of sustainable scientific endeavour is predicated on public trust in the scientific process. It is therefore of utmost importance to innovative organisations to ensure the highest standards of scientific integrity. Where there is doubt about scientific integrity within organisations, we provide independent investigation, assessment and reporting.

consentris has served the research community as an ethics and compliance advisory service since 2017. Through project partnering, grant submission support, and bespoke training, consentris has contributed to the success of numerous high profile projects and undertakings. Since 2023, consentris is a part of Lawford Davies & Co

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